Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook

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Spiritual Warfare issues only.

This means issues involving demonization, demonic harassment, paranormal issues, etc.


red_arrowsPrayer Intentions not involving Spiritual Warfare will be denied and deleted.


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Please pray for our apostolate, our counselors and their families, and for our clients and their families.


DO NOT POST A PRAYER. We need the specific intention you have, not a posted prayer. Those posts that includes a persons own prayer, instead of a listing of their intention will be subject to deletion.

October 17 2012 10:35 am

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413 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook”

  1. AIRY Says:


    †In Name of the Father†of the Son†and of the Holy Gost†Amen†2 Thessalonians 2:1-4/Luke 10:1-12,17-20 †
    Bless me at the turning of the year.Lord,save me AIRY, or I perish.Keep me close to You by Your grace,or I shall sin and fall away from You.Lord deign make haste to restore me& freed me from these again try every same unknown very violent resurgence of wicked artful unknown french darkness spirits suggest anti-Clerical-Jansenism kind sect assault without rest day and night with evil pick-riddle-shift against the Catholic faith, strength vigour and impede-shackle against my bass tenor voice freedom again from prowling & siege around my home even till waiting time will go outdoor, as with nightmare harassment attack, as nonsense talk-torment or threat-insult-blasphemy seeking manipulate imagination both in all my ways as down my home’s windows daily howling & assaulting against Holy Rosary prayer with darkness spirits suggest pretend account prayers or it is timing or forbidden to pray for departed person and push to say or think it is not alright for being Christian as spread in the air and anti-ecclesiastic in assembly with thief in particular wealth-property-inheritance murderer-thief, who have no power as all lies-blasphemy-hate-non sense-defame and who assault with artful howling nonsense anti-Christ on my ways as these unknown french darkness spirits suggest assault harass ever sides around my home as into superstores as well on my every ways in assembly with satanic sect witness jehovah and islamist and same-s*x lobbying threat-bad fate and steal seeking to ruin and kill every sides…..

  2. Rita Says:

    Prayer for deliverance from the occult for Dale. Prayers for Alyssa to return home and to go to school, get right with the Lord. She is living in fornication with boyfriend-Jeff. Prayer for conversion for Tami, Mark, Shawne, Jeremy, Daniel, Mary, Jennifer, Margie. Healing and prayer for the entire family. Prayers for co-workers. Prayers as I am expecting an investment that will go through. Prayers for healing of all woundedness in my heart and woundedness that most family members have suffered. Came from an abusives, alcoholic father and mother, both have died. Also, healing for all sexual abuse. Please pray that the Lord will set us all free from all witchcraft and all family curses. Thank you for all your prayers. Rita and family.

  3. Anto Says:

    Dear Rev.Fathers, Rev,Sisters & Rev.brothers,

    Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ.

    I am Anto. I am a private practitioner, unable to get proper income every month, because no patients. Facing financial difficulties (scarcity, loan & unable to face basic needs). A few months we were unable to send tithe to my church. Because every month we put a tithe in a separate cover, but we spent for our emergency need. Every time we did this same mistake, Now we calculated the amount and sent the total amount of a few month tithes.

    Hope I did sin,mistakes, unbelievable words and attitudes………………etc. It has given bondages and curses. I am praying to our Loving God to forgive and wash my sins through HIs Precious Blood and Fill His Holy Spirit

    I do not know, I am totally upset. Feeling every side is closed. When I am praying having this thought that when Our loving God lived in this world, he was unable satisfy his basic need because I must be prosperous in my life. So how can I face this scarcity. I am the Body of Christ so satan has no power over me,

    Please pray for my financial health.

    Sorry I am disturbing you. Because there is no alternative. My faith is going down it is major problem. I DON’T KNOW HOW TO COME OUT THIS PROBLEM. IT IS VERY PAINFUL. HOPE YOU CAN UNDERSTAND MY SITUATION.


    With love & prayers,

  4. mona Says:

    my father and my brother died suddenly in a gap of 12 years of heart attack. their lives were a total failure due to intense jealousy of our close relatives and our house could never be completely consturcted in the way my father wanted to and every attempt to improvise the condition of our always went in vain for both my father and my brother never agreed in any way. now we the rest of us siblings and my brother’s wife and child are cooperative but our jealous relative always do anything to keep us in a state of ruin. and it has been over 38 years they have coveted our property of 1 million rupees and never would part with it . pls. help by your prayers. there is something fishy and demonic in the plans of those who have coveted our property.

  5. Bro. Ignatius Mary Says:


    I thought when you mentioned John of God you were referring to the 16th Century Saint. It would be impossible for him to have demonized your friend since he is a Saint in heaven. But, I discovered that there is a fake “John of God” down in Brazil. This man claims to be a “channeling mediums and healer”. Those who claim to channel some spirit are channeling a demon, whether or not they know it. This man is very dangerous. I am sorry that your friend went to this fake. Mostly likely her involvement with this evil man has made her demonization more severe.

    I advise you to use the prayers we have in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog. You can change the wording as you need since you are not Catholic.

    We will certainly pray for your friend to be open for help, since no one can be helped unless they want to be. Persevere in prayers for her. Never stop praying for her. Your prayer may someday soften her heart so that she will listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

    Should she seek help we are willing to help her. Although we are a Catholic ministry, we do help non-Catholics.

    God Bless,
    Bro. Ignatius Mary

  6. Jeff Says:

    My prayer is for my special friend, Jill, who I love dearly. She was a beautiful person until she went to John of god in Brazil in December 2012, for “healing”. When she arrived back home, there was a distinct blackness in her eyes emptiness in her to her soul. She wasn’t any longer cheerful of even nice to anyone. Her thoughts were constantly on suicide and ending her illness/pain. She rejects all who help her and when I tried to get her to understand that her involvement in New Age practices were only hurting her healing. My Christian (Nazarene) church offered to lay hands on her but she still won’t do it. I believed she was demonized at the hands of John of god. [Moderator’s Note: This “john of god” is not the 16th Century Saint, but a fake currently operating in Brazil] My prayer is for her to see Jesus and find salvation in Him. Thank you and GOD Bless!

  7. Bro. Ignatius Mary Says:

    The first thing is that you need to stop being a “lapse Christian.” Get back into your Faith and into the Church. Without that you have little standing to do anything spiritually.

    Second, prayer is not magic that works or does not work. God does not force anyone to do anything as we all have Free Will. Persistent prayer, however, may help to soften the hearts of these people so that they will be open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit, but there is never any guarantee of that.

    You need to persevere in prayer for these people, use prayers that are in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog, but know that you must persevere. It may be years before these people respond to the Holy Spirit, or it may be never.

    Your focus, while you are praying for them, is to pray for yourself. Pray to God that he will strengthen you and help you through this trial. But, there is little God can do if you remain estranged from your faith and the Church. Thus, the first order of business is to return to the Church, receive Confession, and the then the Eucharist. You cannot battle these things without God and you do not have God without Confession and the Eucharist.

  8. jacqui dutton-walden Says:

    Im a very spiritual person, called sensitive from birth, and an empath I feel things too much. Ive recently moved to a street in Uk, where I feel too much, I cant move away, so I am learning how to cloak myself.
    One of my neighbours is particularly nasty to us, Im sure now she or all her family are demonic.
    Ive tried several tactics, I pray for her day and night, not sure wot she follows, she may be religious, I dont know I dont want to talk to her, she ignores us, just gossips to all her neighbours about us, whenever she can.Ive tried to be friendly, wave to her, she totally ignores me.
    Her son plays demonic beats on his drum every sunday morning, goes on for hours.repetitive noise, he has a summer house bottom of his gdn, where he enterntains his friends, he is 21yrs old.
    Ive tried christian prayers, the rosary, deliverance and exorcisms all along our fence,nothing happens.
    To begin with whenever we were in the garden, I felt terrible feelings of sadness, then guilt, and couldnt stay in the garden at all, now I relize its not from me, its being sent to me, and ignore it.I sing when in the garden, and I know they r there, it often works, and they dont stay in their garden.
    They seem to work at night, and sleep in day, so we dont see them at all.
    Any prayers or tips, how to handle this situation, I dont think my christian prayers are working, Im a lapsed christian.

  9. Mark Says:

    Several years ago I was involved in pornography, psychedelic drug use and the occult. I had several friends who where ‘satanists’, whom I didn’t take seriously. I began to be assaulted by evil spirits in ways that are complicated to explain here, but involve extreme temptation suffering and I am disabled with anxiety to the point where I can barely function. Two years ago I turned back to God, but I was never able to find anyone who could understand this stuff, nor did I understand it. I have finally found a prayer team who might be able to help, and I will speak to them about this tonight. This affects my family also. Please pray for us.

  10. Grace Says:

    Please pray for my family. I have had people for years suggest we are cursed. My husband and I have been married 26 years, we have 4 children , two still in the home. Almost everything we are involved with fails. We have had tragedies and losses beyond what I can explain. Also, chronic health issues, and having to move and relocate. I have sought prayers for years, masses, etc. And I am weary and so tired of the battle. All our kids are gun shy of the faith, and I understand. I need our Lord to show himself to us. I did have a Carmelite nun tell me once that I am a victim soul. She passed away a year ago. She was a mature Catholic Christian, and I tried to trust what she said. But we move away, and have had no spiritual direction in any of this. Our parish is run by what Pope Francis would call a cleric, and We are discouraged. Beaten down. Sad. Thank you!Also, we have a teen caught up in a unbelieving lifestyle. She has had some drug issues, episodes of cutting herself . Dropped out of high school. She doesn’t do those thinks now, I don’t think, and she got her GED and is taking classes at 17 at the community college here. We have not live here very many years, and it is a gossipy hard town to live in. Again, this is very difficult to explain, and we do not trust people very much anymore.

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