Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook

Folks, this Prayerbook is for

Spiritual Warfare issues only.

This means issues involving demonization, demonic harassment, paranormal issues, etc.


red_arrowsPrayer Intentions not involving Spiritual Warfare will be denied and deleted.


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Please pray for our apostolate, our counselors and their families, and for our clients and their families.


DO NOT POST A PRAYER. We need the specific intention you have, not a posted prayer. Those posts that includes a persons own prayer, instead of a listing of their intention will be subject to deletion.

October 17 2012 10:35 am

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413 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook”

  1. Nicky Says:

    Please pray for my 7 year old son, who feels like the “bad angels are shooting arrows of poison at his heart to make him not love God” – he is going through INTENSE emotions and spiritual battle, pleae help with him He is such a bright light, seeing him struggle with just wanting to go to heaven, when he used to want to live to be 100 – is HEARTBREAKING! ALso please pray for my other son who is hearing screams in his head, that frieked me out but he said he wasn’t scared because he didn’t know if it was real, I’m afraid of passing my fear to him or worry, since I know about this spiritual stuff – I am a strong Catholic with intentions to help others and go the extra mile and confused about what a gateway could be for this sense of…

  2. Chris Says:

    Please pray for Christina who is in need of deliverance from an incubus. Also, please pray for the priest who is helping her as he has experienced attacks after meeting with her.

  3. Mary Says:

    For conversion of Josh who is struggling with homosexual attractions, blackouts, hallucinations and suicidal thoughts, drugs and alcohol abuse. Also the conversion of people around him who influence him. He has seen shadows and hears voices etc.He also suffers horrible migraine and does not sleep.He does not go to church anymore nor confession. He does not feel that he is sinning. He has become Compulsive liar. He is pushing mom and dad away.

  4. patricia Says:

    Please ask Jesus to deliver John from ungodly soul tie he has with his sister annamal. She is manipulating and controlling very aspect of his life. John dn’t realize what is happening. Annamal, Yasses and vincent paul his doing spell for John. They put spell in the chicken curry and gave him. deliver john from the spirit that fellows him from the tree near the field he play football.

  5. Marina Says:

    I and my family is effected by black magic and we are having so much problems such as continous sickness,sudden death in family,financial problems,job problems and sickness one after another.cant sleep night all bad dreams seeing some dead people in our family and also.dream somebody going to die and that person died.now im dreaming few times that im going to die.pls pray for me and my family

  6. JINTO Says:

    Iam Jinto Antony (30 yrs,Engineer at Kuwait) staying with Wife Tesmin Thomas (29 yrs,Staff Nurse at Kuwait) in kuwait and God blessed us with a Baby boy (Juan) 3 weeks ago. we lived a happy life here since marriage (had small conflicts and solved in hours).we share each other about the things happened in the current day. Now her parents came to serve the baby and her.they are not interested in spritual things and entertain always with films,tv series etc..she also started doing these omitting family prayers..Her mother always reject the God’s word and create issues in between us. (Her Father : Thomas and Mother : Molly). Kindly pray for us to be in jesus christ and generate a saint (Juan) by living a good life.

    Jinto (Indian)

  7. Kim Says:

    I am forced to pursue divorce to protect myself and daughter. I firmly believe my husband is being influenced by evil spirits, which began when he switched jobs and started working the graveyard shift. He used to pray a lot, go to church and was a nice person. He has committed adultery and refuses to admit it even after I saw pictures of him and his mistress. He continues to lie about everything. He left me and my daughter, but blames me for everything. He is still involved with the lady and his family welcome her. His physical appearance has changed and he has become much darker. Please help me pray for his return to th faith and God’s truth.

  8. mary Says:

    My husband used to be devout . He has committed adultery with a married person and moved out. Prayer is not moving his heart. That relationship is over but he will not repent. May be spiritual attack.

  9. Joe Says:

    My friends and I have been trying out the Christlife series (http://christlife.org) in preparation of presenting the program to our parish next fall. All has gone very well so far and has been very spiritually fulfilling until last night. last nigh we prayed the prayer of renunciation.

    I renounce Satan and all his works, and all of his empty promises, in the name of Jesus Christ. I renounce the spirit of (insert specific area where freedom is needed) in the name of Jesus Christ.

    Some of us felt a bit anxious after this prayer time so, one of our group offered a prayer for all of us where he bound, loosed, and case out Satan.

    When my wife and I went to bed last night something very odd happened. I know this will sound very…

  10. sylvia Says:

    My spiritual attack started at the home of this 96 year old I care for. She claimed to see people and mind you she is very alert mentally. Anyhow I took pictures and in one of the images you see a spirit python slithering out the wall, I started to pray but felt uncomfortable going to her house after seeing that image on my camera.

    Then one night I was falling asleep and out the corner of my eye I see this dark shadow at that moment I felt something holding me down could not open my eyes was paralyzed could not move, I cried out to St. Michael three times in my final despair I cried out the name of Jesus and it release me. But now my 31 yr old son had the same experience except he saw a faceless shape with huge sharp teeth with…

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