Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook

Folks, this Prayerbook is for

Spiritual Warfare issues only.

This means issues involving demonization, demonic harassment, paranormal issues, etc.


red_arrowsPrayer Intentions not involving Spiritual Warfare will be denied and deleted.


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Please pray for our apostolate, our counselors and their families, and for our clients and their families.


DO NOT POST A PRAYER. We need the specific intention you have, not a posted prayer. Those posts that includes a persons own prayer, instead of a listing of their intention will be subject to deletion.

October 17 2012 10:35 am

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413 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook”

  1. Laura, Kelly Says:

    For deliverance from the spirit/demon of yoga and all of it’s ties and binds, in the name of Jesus Christ who is Lord and Savior. Amen.

  2. mona Says:

    to protect mr. arokia and i , mona from all satanic attacks from witchcraft activities of 3 hindus by the names Sri, Rajeswari and Pankaj ( all three are bent into satanism for any little matter of concern or problem).

  3. Bro. Ignatius Mary Says:

    Ben, You may want to schedule an appointment with me to talk about your situation. You can make an appointment from our Appointment Calendar.

  4. Ben Says:

    My son spews evil words and filth language. He rages. Once a sweet boy now is caught in the snares of satan – watches vile porn and threatens to kill himself. I am fearful for his soul. He has last his innocent spirit and love of God. My husband and his family believe in the occult and invite it into their lives. My son’s room was occupied by my husband’s sister for 8 months – in that room she experienced strange happenings that my husband says point to the devil. I worry for the soul of my son. Please pray for him – he is only 16.

  5. Cynthia Says:

    There’s a restaurant I was asked by an investor to visit to discern what might be there.
    In my opinion, it is demonically infested. My spiritual director offered exorcism if wanrranted but the place was sold and I have not been able to pursue exorcism at this time. Please pray for it’s deliverance. The former owners were very much effected and the person who asked me for help is concerned for the spiritual safety of the new owners.

  6. Bishop sheba j hardin Says:

    fighting for our lives have been under attack i am a Pastor my children and i have been threatened every sice our farther has passed. There is a lot of witchcraft thru threats of people that say they are superiorers in the church. They have tried to take us captive kill my syblings thru s*x and drugs. these are pastors and now they are threating my life because will not go along with the witch craft of drugs imorality sexual controll they have put witchcraft and voodoo on my house and my children they have tried to choke because of drugs i am a Elder pregle here beaten and sexually exploited against my will please pray that we will get free my i ams suffering because of my cellabate agreement in the ministry. Please pray for lisa howell…

  7. nelson Says:

    please pray for myself Connie and Leeza we struggle with constant attacks pains in our bodies attacks at night with succubus /incubus and other spiritual attacks . sadly the priests think we nuts and dont believe us and others have rejected helping us . we also struggle with moving forward in our lives my mother “connie has problems with her work and my self and my sister Leeza want to move on and find better jobs and live in freedom , it feels like nothing changes and im caged in i always see everyone moving forward getting married and being happy and for me its like things dont change . thank you for your prayers God bless

  8. Jessica Says:

    I ask you to pray for me Jessica. And my kids and Family. I know. Something. Bad. Has been. Sent our way cause everything. Is GOING. Terribly wrong financial wise and health. Wise .please. Pray for us. Amen.

  9. suzanne Says:

    please pray for an end to the increase in psycho aggression & conspiracies to psychic murder in our household , & over my bully abusive psychopathic father’s manipulations with his last will & testament . please pray for help to stop the newly increase curses, witchcraft , psychic murder intentions , lies , threats etc in my father’s last will & testament he has made & now changing some things & this is now worse than before.
    what higher evil powers are allowing , encouraging ,increasing – the dangerous outbursts of my father & his bully friends ???? I just want to say – I have done A LOT A LOT , TONS & TONS of counseling , therapy , prayers , phone & email help lines local & intl , going to…

  10. Alan & Glen Says:

    Please pray for my 2 older brothers Alan (age 58) & Glen (age 52). Both of them have been repeatedly victimized by evil Occult spells that were cast on them since the late 1970s by our own relatives ie our maternal uncles & aunts (my mother’s siblings). Even though we are Roman Catholics and do not believe in these practices. Please pray for Alan D Glen to be freed from all bondage and delivered through Jesus. They have undergone psychiatric treatment which had no effect on them. I am convince that they are suffering from Spiritual Warfare problems. As our prayers go unanswered and because of the our full family is suffering for more than 30years. PlEASE pray for Alan & Glen to be freed and saved. Thank you & God bless…

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