Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook

Folks, this Prayerbook is for

Spiritual Warfare issues only.

This means issues involving demonization, demonic harassment, paranormal issues, etc.


red_arrowsPrayer Intentions not involving Spiritual Warfare will be denied and deleted.


For general prayer intentions go to our General Prayerbooks


Please pray for our apostolate, our counselors and their families, and for our clients and their families.


DO NOT POST A PRAYER. We need the specific intention you have, not a posted prayer. Those posts that includes a persons own prayer, instead of a listing of their intention will be subject to deletion.

October 17 2012 10:35 am

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413 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook”

  1. Joseph + Nieva Says:

    Deliverance from our physical and mental and spiritual attacks.

  2. Angie Says:

    Please Lord destroy anything that has been done to my husband Noah, myself and children Christian, Christopher, Angelica by my mothers family and sister who is envious and hateful towards us. Break any curse that has been sent our way. Please help the harassment that my husband is suffering at work to stop. Protect us Lord.Amen.

  3. Mary Says:

    Pray for my son’s conversion. He has been having promiscuous s*x with men, using drugs and alcohol.Hanging with wrong crowds.He has not been going to church. He also made fun of confession and did not confess all on purpose bragging to his friends and then received communion.

  4. Bro. Ignatius Mary Says:


    I strongly advise that you go through our Seven Steps to Self-Deliverance and use our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog.

    God Bless,
    Bro. Ignatius Mary

  5. Claude Says:

    Please pray for me.some time ago I wrote a letter selling my soul to the devil in oreder to get rich.I had second thoughts about it and recinded such an action.I also did the pendulum thing to try to get winning numbers for the lotteries.I confessed it to a priest.By doing this I may have opened a door to the devil.My 13yr old daughter is now rebelious and misses scgool often.We have seen a therapist but to no evail.She as also fell and hit her head a couple of times.She was check at the hospital but all seems fine.I was severe wtih her in language and actions.I regert this most sincerely and have confess it to a priest.I am now fasting and praying giving alms to do penance for my actions.Please pray for us.
    Thank you. Claude

  6. Xolisa Says:

    Pls pray for my mother. She is very sick. She is having a chest pain as a result it’s too difficult for her to breath to breath.
    And pray for my brother, especially the older one. He is a lawyer. He is not working because of alcohol.
    And please pray for me. Whenever I sleep, I dreamed of bad dreams everyday. We need deliverance, breakthrough in Jesus name. Amen.

  7. laura Says:

    I need urgent prayers for deliverance. My neighbors have raised false accusations and falsehoods against me. They are relentless. They vandalize my home little things to aggravate, their pride in false gossip is off the charts, they vandalize my car, etc. May God destroy all of their wicked deeds, plans, desires, hatred, prejudices, their vile jealousy and envy etc. I have many renters in the neighborhood several incidents have occurred needing police. I do not call them yet they think it is I. I have called when it really needed assistance from the cops. I have not done so in a long time. The young hateful couples with their children send to destroy my property. They are unabashed in their evil. I need prayers. God knows who these people are. God sees their wicked deeds, actions, and desires. May God in HIS Divine Mercy hear my prayer and send these evil doers far away from my neighborhood never to return. With All Praise and Thanksgiving I give All the Glory to God Almighty. May he…

  8. Denise Says:

    Pls pray for my Dad’s teeth and for his finances and Julie’s finances. Pls pray my husband keep his wedding vows to me. And wear his blessed Roman Catholic ring. ANd that mine be returned to me. Pls pray that the state honor my wedding vows and not defraud me and my property rights and the federa gov’t as well to my husband John and his tyo me. Pls pray deliverance for me exorcism for me ShenOoda Darlene Jules and this house and Sweetie.An for Barry.

  9. Terry Says:

    Please pray for my father (Don) and son (David). Both have spirits of rebellion (and related spirits) that have successfully side-tracked them from their callings to serve the Lord. David grew up with a strong relationship with Jesus in a Catholic home and had mystical gifts, possibly with a calling to the priesthood (numerous people during his childhood mentioned his giftedness for this). In college, he got into the occult, dropped out of school and family, and claims to be no longer Christian. He has bizarre, false memories of his childhood and refuses to talk to us or let us reach him. My dad is a retired Protestant minister but a moral relativist, aborted a child, and influenced David’s rebellion. My dad lives with me and is dying but is not turning to the Lord for a peaceful death. My husband and I are heavily involved in a Catholic ministry, which is now going through new growth developments, and we sense an increasing spiritual battle, including in the life of the new partner…

  10. Denise Says:

    Pls pray that my parents house and sister house and this one get blessed by a priest and to keep all satanist, occultists and oujia board occult objects Nazi types and infesting forces out. Please pray I get deliverance exorcism ASAP and not get reinfested or exposed to that stuff and I get protected and free from demonic harassment and dominance.

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