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October 17 2012 10:35 am

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413 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook”

  1. Noah Says:

    My wife and I are being attacked by a succubus. This is occurring due to my sexual sin with pornography, and specifically phonesex operators who role-playing with me presenting as succubus demons; however, I believe some may actually be satanists and practice witchcraft. I know, I’m beyond awful. Everything has been specifically and sacramentally confessed, however this thing is not giving up.

    My last invitation to this demon via phonesex was about 1.5 months ago. Since then I’ve been praying fervently, fasting, and using holy water and blessed salt, oil, and candles. I’ve also been using the self-help deliverance steps/prayers for about 2 weeks.

    My wife is pregnant and does not know about my problem. We are both having nightmares (hers about violence and death, mine about menacing demons). She also often wakes with pain in the back of her head and says it feels like she’s been punched. More recently, she’s been having what feels like acute kidney pain. I wake up almost every night right around 3AM. I pray the rosary and the chaplet of Divine mercy and usually resume a fitful sleep.

    Since I have been staying clean, and ramping up the prayer, I have been getting physical manifestations. Since my addiction to phonesex started some 15 years ago I have always gotten regular headaches. Recently the headaches have actually lessened, but during focused prayer for deliverance I’ve been getting lots of pressure with tingling and writhing feelings on the left side of my head and neck (I always held the phone up to my left ear). Tonight at adoration it got really intense. I got dizzy and my head began to bob involuntarily. I was able to control it though and it subsided. Scary. I’m 1 day into a 3 day fast from all food.

    Please pray for our deliverance. I believe this demon may have been responsible for a previous miscarriage. I deserve to suffer severely for my sin, but want my wife and child spared. I am committed to permanent repentance. God bless.

  2. Toyin Says:

    Freedom from demonic possession and harassment

  3. Wendell P. Talibong Says:

    Pax Christi!

    I’m Brother Wendell Talibong, I belonged to a Society of St. Vincent de Paul here in Ozamiz City, Philippines, we created our apostolate of healing and deliverance, I performed deliverance several times, and yesterday we performed deliverance for 8 students in National High School, Tangub City, Philippine. Together with Bro. Thata Reynaldo Rosal, SSVP, right after the deliverance we felt the demonic retaliation. Please pray for us and our families, relatives and friends.

    Thanks and God bless to your delicate Apostolate to save the soul of under attacked faithful.

    In Christ

    Bro. Wendell P. Talibong

  4. Bro. Ignatius Mary Says:

    Dear Rufina:

    Your family and yourself have free will. God never intrudes upon free will. We each get to choose whatever we wish to choose. God will try to influence and guide us to do the right things, but He never forces us. When we pray about other people we may not see a result because those other people have free will to choose.

    With that said, it is important to pray for your family. Our prayer can help remove the static in those family members so that they will hear the Holy Spirit’s promptings. We may never see results, but we must always persevere in those prayers and in the hope that things will work out.

    You can add to your prayer various prayers from our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog, such as the Hedge Prayer of Protection for a Household, Prayer for Return of a Wayward Catholic, and any other prayers you find useful.

    And, of course, we are praying for your situation.

    God Bless,
    Bro. Ignatius Mary

  5. Rufina Says:

    Dear Brother

    Efforts to get married for my sister and me have always failed although we pray. After my Dad passed away we struggled to take care of the home and now we want our mum to see us settled. I have near to given up hope and feel sad for my sister. My mum says that my Dad before he died said that my mum will cry for two things and she feels this is what he was talking about – me and my sister still not married.

    I have also been trying to seel a house for long but have not been successful.

    We work overseas and face lot of enemies at the workplace and no proper growth. In fact I feel like leaving the job. My sister is struggling with her new job although she has good knowledge no one wants to guide her and she has a lot of fear in her.

    My brother who is married with great difficulty left the JW group but I find he still prays that way although I spoke to him. He is saved from a major accident and waiting to go back to Dubai for a job. he is also struggling with a dominating wife and disobedient daughter. Each of them complains against the other to us.

    We have been praying for our familys deliverance Protection for many years but I still have to see the result.I do Precious Blood and Divine Mercy devotions with fasting on Friday and pray rosaries everyday. Please advise.

    Thank you and God Bless :Rufina

  6. Rebecca Says:

    subject: demonization
    Please pray for my mentally ill sister, Barbara. She suffers from paranoia and schizophrenia. Barbara was evicted from her apartment a little over a week ago. She contacted me for help in moving. It is the first time in about 14 years that she contacted me. My husband and I removed 6 dumpster loads of trash from her apt. as well as 3 pickup loads of newspapers. We moved her belongings to a storage unit. She knew she was going to be evicted, and she did arrange this.

    Her tone when she first contacted me was sweet and helpless. Now she is getting harsh, paranoid and her voice sounds like it comes from the darkest depths. She is threatening.

    I have to meet her tomorrow in order to give her the key to her storage unit. She needs help, but she says that there is nothing wrong with her.

    Please pray for her to receive the light of Christ and help for her many problems.

    Please pray for our family’s safety as well as for the…

  7. Halina K Says:

    When I was 21 I said I would sell my soul to the devil if I got this guy interested in me. Well no interest. Nothing came of it but my life for 40 years was a living h**l. I am always out of money loosing jobs, cut backs, new company. Please I am being evicted and I have no where to go. I had a bad fall on ice and did not work. So I got a charitable organization to send a check for my rent. The organization sent me a copy. The landlord never received it and is evicting me. These are problems that are constant. Please pray for me I do go to confession, mass communion novenas please I want the peace of the lord

  8. Bro. Ignatius Mary Says:


    We will pray for your healing and for Dale to come to God, but there is no such thing as “mediating in your spiritual realm.” That is Satan’s work. In addition, you appear to want revenge, ” I hope for their karmas to happen before they harm me.” You will not have relief of your affection by wanting revenge. You need to forgive this man and pray for him. You can go to our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog to find prayers of protection.

  9. veronica Says:

    torment 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

  10. Debbie Says:

    I need some prayers to permanently end an old crisis, with obsessed people that are addicted to harming people psychically, & started because of an ex-boyfriend, Dale from 20 yrs ago. He is also one of the people attacking me with sexual energy, because he is in jail. I broke all connections with him a long time ago & like it that way considering all that he has done to me including attempting to murder me. Dale went to a psychic school after he broke up with me for a female who went to Berkeley Psychic Institute where he learned to attack people. I don’t want or need to have any kind of connection to such a toxic person, as Dale, in any way especially at that level. I am very upset & traumatized about this, because I feel psychically sexually violated & I can’t disconnect him. If you would meditate in my spiritual realm you would see what I mean. I hope for their karmas to happen before they harm me. I have been in pain emotionally & physically from being psychically…

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