Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook

Folks, this Prayerbook is for

Spiritual Warfare issues only.

This means issues involving demonization, demonic harassment, paranormal issues, etc.


red_arrowsPrayer Intentions not involving Spiritual Warfare will be denied and deleted.


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Please pray for our apostolate, our counselors and their families, and for our clients and their families.


DO NOT POST A PRAYER. We need the specific intention you have, not a posted prayer. Those posts that includes a persons own prayer, instead of a listing of their intention will be subject to deletion.

October 17 2012 10:35 am

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413 Responses to “Spiritual Warfare Prayerbook”

  1. MaryIdah Says:

    My husband visited a witchdoctor and my marriage has been broken 8 times
    I have lost 2 pregnancies following the witchdoctor’s spells
    My I laws keep. snakes and said my husband will never have children .
    when we plan a church wedding it never happens
    I dream eating food. Having s*x with a man
    My life never progress

  2. Conrad Says:

    Please pray for my deliverance from all curses (ancestral/generational or otherwise) affecting my family, finances and relationships resulting in failure in business, defeat, loss of income, alienation in the family and broken relationships, being the tail not the head and general misery including court cases and property disputes. Thank you and God bless.

  3. Trish Says:

    Please pray for my husband, who seems to be possessed and harassed by evil spirits, who are trying with all their might to destroy him and our marriage. Please pray, in Jesus’ Holy name that these spirits will depart and leave us in God’s perfect peace and that our marriage will be repaired and restored upon His word. And please also pray that God will put a hedge around our home and my husband, so that no evil will invade and destroy us.

  4. Maricela Says:

    Demonic harassment

  5. Bro. Ignatius Mary Says:

    Praise God that our material has been helpful. If we can be of any further assistance, you can ask for a one-time consultation or, if needed, deliverance counseling. The links for those are towards the bottom of the page at: http://www.saintpiocenter.org/help.shtml

  6. Jessica Says:

    My wife and I believe that she is being oppressed by a demon. I am grateful to have found this content and service that the St. Pio Center is offering. We have learned a great wealth of information about the mistakes that my wife has made over the past two months. My wife’s store is almost entirely word-for-word similar to that of “Karen” deception example 5 of http://www.oswc.org/FurtherStudy/DemonicDeceptions.asp.

    Please pray for her. Thank you.

  7. Emmanuel Says:

    Im a lay evangelist but i have issues where i feel an evil invincible presence pressing me down hard that my body dies and only my spirit is alive and i feel cobwebs on my body..Please pray that God releases me from this invincible satanic powers

  8. Jackie Says:

    The day I first submitted my request 12/30/2015. I was released from a 10 day bout. My friend whom I believe Is under its control called me Thursday 1/7/2016, to tell me that someone else just accused her of bringing a demon, to their home. Their older child bent backwards as if without a spine and they had to call the cops. I agreed to pray with her Friday this weekend, only to be violently attacked that night, by it. As I commanded it to “go in the name of Jesus” I heard its voice out of my mouth. Please pray for friend Brook and me Jackie. It jumps and hold me down, when I’m sleeping. I haven’t been attacked since Friday night, but lm leery and feel like its tapping on my window or hitting the walls every time I try to drift off to sleep. Again please pray for us!

  9. Onyema (who knows) Says:

    Please join with my family and I, in prayer to overcome many years of ritualistic attacks from relatives and others in our ancestral home. We have suffered from a belief system that has subjected us to discrimination; fuelled their efforts to block our prayers and prevented us from achieving success.

    We have been told of rituals being performed intended to undermine our faith and belief in God the Father Almighty. We ask that you pray with us that their efforts to draw us into situations of want, temptation, fear and anxiety as means to draw us away from God; to deny us opportunities to use our education, God-given talents in work or for business or and to contribute to our church communities will be frustrated.

    We pray for God’s forgiveness for anything we have done to allow evil into our lives. Pray with us for the support of St Michael and St Gabriel with the offerings and fasting for deliverance we have given; that these will free us from all evil. So that our thanks will be as beacons of the love of God to others and redemption by His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ with the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.


  10. Victoria Says:

    Deliverance from witchcraft hoarding infirmity and curses of cancers
    Protection from demonic harassment for praying members of family.

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