Notify us when Shipping Package

Please do not ask us if you can send us your items. Yes, go ahead and send it.

Please DO NOT send letters/packages by Certified Mail or by any other method that requires us to sign for it. Most likely if you do this the package will be returned unopened.

Please DO NOT ask us to notify you when we receive the package.

To destroy an occult or cursed item see the document, Procedure to Destroy Occultic or Cursed Objects.

If you do not wish to destroy these materials yourself, you can follow the directions in the document to send us the materials.

We do not accept packages, however, unless you notify us first that your are sending it.


Use this form to send us that notification.

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Describe the items you are Sending. No need to ask us in advance. You have permission to send it. Also, please give background of the items such as how you know they are cursed. Also describe any phenomena or other effects as a result of possessing the cursed object.

April 30 2014 02:39 am